Quebrada Sponsors Six Filmmakers for El Paso Workshop

On September 21st, Quebrada provided six scholarships to young filmmakers for a one day intensive class in El Paso, Texas.

The class was a joint collaboration between the El Paso Film Festival, DoubleScope Films, MindWarp Films, Quebrada Entertainment, and DSF Rentals. This intensive workshop, explored four of the most fundamental departments of filmmaking: directing, cinematography, lighting, and sound. In the first part of the class, each of four groups, explored a department at a time. In the second part, students filmed a short film, putting what they just learned into practice.

The six scholarship recipients were:
Melanie Hernandez – El Paso – Beginner – Editor
Joanne Lopez-Padilla – El Paso – Beginner – Director
Monica Lozano – El Paso – Intermediate – Cinematographer
Victoria Gonzalez – Las Cruces – Intermediate – Editor
Cesar Osvaldo Verduzco – Cd. Juarez – Beginner – Director
Eduardo Morales – Cd. Juarez – Beginner – Director